The EU imposes a single charger for smartphones (including Apple) from 2024

Consumers will no longer need a different charging device and cable each time they buy a new device, they will be able to use one charger for all their small and medium-sized electronic devices.”eliminating unnecessary accessories, welcomed the Parliament. “While charging systems locked consumers into a brand and forced us to accumulate cables at the cost of our wallets and natural resources, it is a stopping point for the most recalcitrant”, adds MEP David Cormand (Greens). For its part, the ANEC association, which defends consumer rights on issues related to technological standards, welcomed “a deal” who “simplifies the jungle of options hitherto inflicted on consumers”.

More specifically, this measure could, according to the European Commission, allow European consumers – who spend 2.4 billion euros per year on purchases of chargers alone – to save at least 250 million euros annually. Waste from unused chargers, estimated at 11,000 tonnes per year, could be reduced by almost 1,000 tonnes.


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