The ephemeral restaurant “Dinner in the sky” back in June in the Brussels sky

Eight round tables of four people are distributed around a central kitchen four meters long, where the chef and the brigade evolve. Three meters separate each of the tables and more than a meter distances each guest.

A five-course menu will be orchestrated daily, cooked and served by the gourmet chef of the day at noon, 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Among the chefs who will tread the floor of the suspended kitchens are Yves Mattagne (“Sea Grill”**), Alain Bianchin*, David Martin (“La Paix”**), Isabelle Arpin, Giovanni Bruno (“Senzanome”*), Hendrik Dierendoncck (“Carcasse”*) or even Filip Claeys (“De Jonkman”**). The panoramic stoves will also welcome new personalities in the presence of two Belgian recruits from Top Chef, Arnaud Delvenne and Malory Gabsi.

In addition, cocktail sessions are organized during the afternoon on weekends, offering three mixes created by renowned bartenders, accompanied by three tapas.

From September 5 to 11, the table will also float in the sky above C-mine, a mining complex located in Genk, in the province of Limburg. We will notably find Jo Grootaers (“Altermezzo”*) and Gary Kirchens (“Aurum”). The guests will climb 50 meters high between the two derricks of the site, promising an unusual landscape.

Moreover, the concept imagined in 2006 by David Ghysels continues its international expansion. A new crane has just been installed in Jakarta (Indonesia) while two others will soon be installed in Switzerland and Kathmandu (Nepal). In 16 years, the network has managed to sell around seventy machines to the four corners of the world.

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