the end of Tesla dominance is near

By 2024, Volkswagen will sell more electric cars than Tesla, according to a report. Chinese groups will follow these two giants.

The market for electric vehicles is probably only in its infancy. The sale of thermal vehicles will be banned in the European Union by 2035. Manufacturers will therefore turn more and more to electric. And today’s leaders may not be those of tomorrow.

Thus, a study by Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that by 2024, Volkswagen will sell more EVs than Tesla, the current top seller. Or in just 18 months. For this, the report points to the fact that VW already sells more electric vehicles than Tesla in Europe (310,000 compared to 170,000 in 2021, according to Jato Dynamics).

In addition, the German firm has doubled its sales compared to 2020. To USA, this number has even tripledbut remains quite confidential, 37,200 sales in 2021. Another proof of the popularity of Volkswagen models is based on the fact that there are no more for 2022.

The Chinese groups behind Tesla for electric cars

Third place in this ranking should return to a Chinese manufacturer: BYD. The latter will be closely followed by Chang’an and Geelyother Middle Kingdom groups. Ford could also play an important rolelaunched by its F-150 Lightning, in particular.

This should force Tesla to question itself a little more in the months to come. The firm is however running well at present. In the first quarter of 2022, she posted record results. Its turnover in the automotive sector increased by 87% (to $16.86 billion). For a gross profit of 5.54 billionwith margins up 32.9%.

The report also recalls that the electric car market will grow further. The latter should grow by 15% by 2025. China and Europe will lead this growth. The United States will also be part of it, but to a lesser extent. By the middle of the decade, 6% of electric vehicles should be sold across the Atlantic.

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