the electric motorcycle that will unfortunately never see the light of day

If Tesla will not make electric motorcycles, some designers imagine them. Latest idea? The Model M.

Asked about a possible electric motorcycle, Elon Musk indicated that Tesla will never manufacture electric motorcycles. Enough to give rise to frustration among enthusiasts of the genre… seeing a missed opportunity to find the cyber universe on two wheels, dear to the owner of electric two-wheelers. But that leaves the field open to designers to express their vision of the thing, like the Tesla Model M.

Stylist Victor Rodriguez Gomez was once again inspired by the brand’s universe to design his vision of the Tesla electric motorcycle. And more precisely Cybertruck, the electric utility of Palo Alto which seems to come directly from a dystopian world. If the purely stylistic inspirations are not obvious, the handles integrated into the body, the wheels without hubs and the refined treatment of the instrumentation also seem to come from the future.

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A Tron Legacy spirit for the Tesla Model M

The mode of transmission was not specified by the designer, but the system could be quite similar to the technical solution found by Verge. What further purify the appearance of this futuristic motorcycle, however rocked by the world before and its cafe-racers. The side lights are reminiscent of the Tron atmosphere, another reference that could appeal so much to an impossible Tesla motorcycle.

The technical specificities of this machine were not fantasized by the independent designer. The fact remains that recharging will only be possible with the T2s socket hidden under the rear light, betraying the presence of an altogether modest battery. The Tesla Model M will obviously never see the light of day. Unlike the Verge TS, the most futuristic of current motorcycles.

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