the disease is progressing rapidly in Europe



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After the tropical areas of Africa, monkeypox is now present in Europe, where cases have tripled in just two weeks. What do we really know about this disease?

It is not time for a health emergency, at the beginning of July, but the WHO (World Health Organization) call States to step up the fight against monkeypox. The disease is progressing rapidly in Europe, where cases have tripled in the past two weeks. There are now 4,500 confirmed cases on the Old Continent. The United Kingdom has the most patients, with more than 1,000 cases, while France has almost 500.

Doctors call for precautions. “Contamination occurs sexually and through the skin”, explains Christine Rouzioux, professor of virology, Saturday July 2. The smallpox vaccine is effective, but so far it is only offered to high-risk contact cases. The government is currently considering extending injections as a preventive measure to particularly exposed populations.

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