The cost of tolls finally displayed

Google’s goal is to give you the information you need to improve your journeys, and so far Maps is packed full of such features: it alerts you to traffic jams, speed limits, road closures , and can even find the greenest route. But despite everything he can tell us, there was one glaring omission: tolls. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to tell Maps to avoid tolls, but with no way to tell us what the tolls could actually cost. Waze has had this feature available for a long time and we’ve never really understood why Google still hasn’t added it to its navigation app. Fortunately, this is finally changing, since toll prices begin to be published.

We started seeing evidence that Maps was working on detailed toll data last summer, but it wasn’t until April that Google officially announced the feature. Although the company indicated at the time that the tolls would start appearing imminently, it wasn’t until very recently that we saw them for ourselves, starting with a few screenshots last week, before wider availability over the weekend. Today, Google is signaling to us that things are really expanding, with a new post confirming the availability of toll information.

The users of United States, India, Japan and Indonesia will be the first to get toll data in Maps, and while Google says other countries will soon follow, it hasn’t specified which ones. Access is also currently limited to Maps on Android and iOS devices, and we haven’t yet heard of the integration of toll data into Maps on the web.

There are a few other limitations to keep in mind. First, Maps doesn’t seem to show tolls for individual roads, but only calculates the total for the entire route. We’ve also noticed that Maps says its numbers are “estimates based on toll rates”, which seems to take into account discounts on E-ZPass type transponders, if you’re paying cash, and certainly if you’re driving a truck, trailer, or other vehicle with extra axles, you’ll likely pay even more.

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