The Charente takes up arms against monkeypox

How do you catch monkey pox, Monkeypox by its English name? “In 99% of cases it results from close skin-to-skin contact”, explains Marine Grosset, infectious disease specialist at the hospital. Sex with multiple partners is risky behavior. “In this sense I compare it to a sexually transmitted disease, but it is not via the mucous membranes, like HIV”, frames the doctor. The symptoms are known: fever, headaches, and especially lesions on the skin. Two to three weeks of severe pain according to the first testimonies of patients. “It’s easy to detect. If in doubt, send a photo to your attending physician. »

I am not worried. It is a virus that we know well.

The latter can then refer the patient to the screening center set up at the Girac hospital screening unit. It consists of a skin sample (using a swab) and a nasopharyngeal. In the event of a positive result, the patient must then isolate himself for three weeks after the appearance of the first symptoms.

The vaccine reserved for populations at risk

For preventive vaccination, a doctor’s prescription is required. Here again, the Angoulême hospital takes care of the injections (appointment by email: It is recommended for the audiences most affected so far, namely men who have sex with men reporting multiple sexual partners, trans people reporting multiple sexual partners, prostitutes and professionals in places of licentiousness. “So far no side effects have been reported to us”, assures Marine Grosset. The vaccine consists of two doses 28 days apart.

Should we be concerned about this new epidemic outbreak? In the absence of antiviral treatment, the mortality rate is between 0 and 10%, according to Public Health France. ” I am not worriedreassures Marine Grosset. It is a virus that we have known well for years in Africa”. The risk that the disease, which today affects young and healthy people, will spread to children or the elderly does not panic her either. “In Africa, it is relatives who care for the sick, mothers continue to hug their babies. But in Europe we don’t work like that. » On the other hand, unlike Covid, difficult to go unnoticed with monkeypox. This limits the risk of “fraudsters” of isolation.

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