The cables of Tesla Superchargers are mysteriously cut, why?

In the United States, several Tesla Supercharger stations are the victims of a criminal act. Tesla’s cables are cut, preventing drivers from charging their electric car. Copper theft or vandalism?

Tesla Superchargers are targeted by criminal acts in the United States. Charging cables have been cut at various stations Across the country. Several reports have already been made on the networks and in particular on Reddit. This is not the first time this has happened, but this problem is still a pain for drivers.

Severed cables from a Supercharger station in Cincinnati – Credit: u/Grinolam/Reddit

Tesla owns more than 30,000 Superchargers worldwide. They are mostly located on the main roads and can recharge up to 275 kilometers in just 15 minutes. Incidentally, Tesla donates the costs of the Superchargers to volunteers who transport Ukrainian refugees to the Netherlands.

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Copper theft or vandalism at Tesla Superchargers?

On Reddit, a user shared some photos of a Supercharger station in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Supercharger cables have been cut almost entirely. There was only a few centimeters of cable at charging stations. Only four terminals were spared. These are the only terminals visible to the surveillance camera.

The Reddit user explained that: “ the technician came when I was there and told me that it had also happened the day before “. The cables were cut again after being replaced by Tesla. In this case, the most likely theory is theft of copper to resell it.

A severed cable from a Tesla Supercharger in Cincinnati
A severed cable from a Tesla Supercharger in Cincinnati – Credit: u/Grinolam/Reddit

However, it seems that this is not always the case. Indeed, another Supercharger station located in an underground car park in Los Angeles was probably vandalized. Another Reddit user filmed the various charging stations that have a severed cable.

Unlike the Cincinnati station, the cables in Los Angeles were not cut entirely. It is therefore unlikely that they are intended for resale. A user suspects heinous acts against Tesla so that drivers cannot charge their car.

Someone told him it was probably a theft for the copper. He claims to have seen it live. ” One suspect ran along the line and grabbed the cables and pulled them tight while the other with bolt cutters cut them as close as he could while they were extended leaving the length that stay here “. In any case, drivers hope that a solution will be quickly put in place by Tesla to fight against these acts of vandalism.

Source: Teslarati

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