The best cases for Apple AirPods Pro 2

Have you fallen for the latest AirPods Pro 2 at 299 euros? You did well, Apple’s earphones version 2022 have been improved on every level, including the case. If the latter is practically identical to the first generation of AirPods Pro, on the other hand, it contains subtle developments that change the size slightly. In addition, it contains a speaker as well as a notch for attaching a lanyard. This is why AirPods Pro 2 are not compatible with the protective shells of AirPods Pro 1.

Don’t worry, we have selected the best accessories for the new AirPods Pro 2022.

The best AirPods

For those who do not know, AirPods Pro 2, released in October 2022, continued the general design of the previous models, while improving sound quality, autonomy and noise reduction. As explained during our wireless earphones test, AirPods Pro 2 offers more punchy sound with a good balance between bass and treble, improved battery life and twice as effective active noise cancellation. Not to mention a more intelligent Transparency mode, almost amazing, as well as a case with increased capacity.

elago airpods pro 2 cases

Cheap cases for AirPods Pro 2

We start with two original covers, signed seltureone firstly and Elago Secondly. This is to give Airpods Pro 2 2022 a portable game console style with cases.

Gamepad style case

That off seltureone is reinforced at the corners and thanks to its soft silicone design it absorbs shock while providing support for attaching it to a key ring. Although it does not leave the notch for the wrist strap visible, this accessory on the other hand reveals the charging LED, the speaker at the bottom as well as the Lightning port. The kit is thin and compatible with MagSafe charging.

Available in black and white.

Its price: 12.99 euros.

seltuerone airpods pro 2 console case

Game Boy style case

Elago’s version is a bit more classic and is undoubtedly reminiscent of GameBoy from Nintendo. Very similar to the previous hull, the hull AW5 stands out with an opening for the original cord clip, as well as an adhesive film that is placed on top of the case so that the upper stays securely in use. The adjustment is made without difficulty and the shell allows the MagSafe refill to pass through.

Available in grey, black and pink.

Its price: €21.99.

nintendo elago airpods pro 2 case

Designer must

Another original style, this time from Ringke which offers its hull Onyx for AirPods Pro 2 (2022). The case is made of soft silicone and provides robust, non-slip protection while remaining quite thin. As often with Ringke, the quality is top notch, with laser cutouts for all ports and holes, as well as a perfect fit around the cabinet. Wireless charging is preserved.

Available in warm gray (beautiful), black and dark purple.

Its price: €17.99.

ringke airpods pro 2 case

safe shell

We pass to the hull of caseologya sub-brand of The spike. Robust, this accessory gives a feel close to sandstone with a nice visual effect. The tower is reinforced with a bumper, which gives it a discreet and qualitative appearance.

Unsurprisingly, the cutouts are perfect and all ports are accessible. Likewise, MagSafe wireless charging is compatible.

Available in black, midnight green and navy blue.

Its price: €16.99.

caseology airpods pro 2 case

Ultra thin case

Around the mark AhaStyle to offer its shell for the case for AirPods Pro 2 (2022). In flexible silicone, the case provides simple and effective protection against scratches and shocks. No frills here, just cutouts that make everything accessible, with the charging port even protected by a tab. Better yet, the notch for the wrist strap is available, all at a low price and in multiple colors. The extra thickness is only 1.4 mm and is of course compatible with MagSafe.

Available in multiple colors such as black, sky blue, blue, green, white, pink, purple, red, white, etc..

Its price: €12.99.

ahastyle airpods pro 2 silicone case

Transparent shell

Finally, here is a transparent shell. Signed by the American brand Elago, this protection preserves the original design of the AirPods Pro 2022, while preventing it from breaking in the event of a fall or impact.

Compatible with wireless charging, the protector comes with a band that attaches directly to the case. And be aware that the coating is treated to prevent yellowing. An important point for transparent hulls.

Available in several transparent colors including white, yellow, purple, pink, etc.

Its price: €15.99.

elago airpods pro 2 clear case

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