The Apple Watch could help fight Parkinson’s disease

During the beginnings of ResearchKit in 2015, the monitoring of Parkinson’s disease by the Apple Watch was one of the first studies addressed by Apple. However, Cupertino has preferred to move towards other segments of Health in recent years.

Never mind, it seems that another firm has decided to go further. Indeed, Rune Labs – which specializes in brain data – has just received authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to use the Apple Watch to monitor certain symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

More specifically, it is a start-up based in san francisco, who works in the field of brain data and neural therapies. Its platform will use the movement sensors of the Apple Watch, to control and analyze the tremors in certain patients. To complete her analysis, she will also combine these readings with information from other sources, such as a Medtronic implant to measure brain signals.

As Apple has been saying all along, the goal is to use the combined data to inform doctors and even the possibility of adapting certain treatments but not to replace the medical profession or to self-medicate. We can also find an interest in it with the pandemic and the containment measures, to allow a remote monitoring and – in some cases – alert to periods of crisis.

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