the App Store has contributed to the creation of 300,000 jobs in France

Criticized for its pricing policy, the group highlights its positive impact on the local economy.

Apple has become accustomed to making public a survey carried out at its request by an independent firm and aimed at establishing the number of jobs attributable to applications. Fourteen years after inventing the principle of the application store, Apple estimates that the App Store has contributed to the creation of 2.2 million jobs in Europe, including 300,000 in France. Last year, the number of jobs created by app developers even increased by 5% compared to 2019.

The group also takes the opportunity to recall that 85% of App Store developers do not pay any commission to Apple. And of the remaining 15%, a “majority realizes less than a million dollars in annual turnover and therefore pays only 15% commission to Apple“. The group thus recalls that the 30% commission only concerns a minority of developers.

In addition, since 2019, the turnover generated by SMEs on the AppStore has jumped by 122%. In this little game, small French companies hold the record for growth in Europe on the App Store. “More than 300 French developers have gone through the App Store Foundation Program at Station F. This program was created in France, before being deployed throughout Europe“, adds Daniel Matray, in charge of the App Store Europe at Apple.

While the business model of Apple’s application store is regularly attacked, the group makes sure to highlight the impact it can have on the local economies of the 175 countries in which it operates, whether in terms of job creation, value generation or creativity.


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