The Afsca withdraws from sale a product sold at Aldi

Due to suspicions of listeria, Aldi and Afsca recall an abbey cheese. This is currently a preventive measure.

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HASldi has decided, in agreement with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, to withdraw abbey cheese from the market due to the possible presence of listeria.

It is Belgian abbey cheese, soft and sliced, packaged in resealable packages of 175 grams. The expiry date is June 6, 2022.

Do not consume the product

Listeria bacteria can cause fever, headache, diarrhea and muscle aches. Pregnant women should be especially careful, as well as children, the elderly and patients with reduced immunity.

Possible symptoms of infection with Listeria bacteria can appear up to 90 days after eating contaminated food. “People who have consumed these products and who have these types of symptoms are invited to consult their doctor without delay, notifying him of this consumption”, specifies Aldi.

The chain of stores asks its customers not to consume this product and to please return it to the point of sale, where it will be reimbursed.

For any additional information, those who wish can contact Aldi via the address [email protected]

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