The 3 mistakes not to make when you have a blister

The 3 mistakes not to make when you have a blister
Because of perspiration, summer is conducive to blisters. © Adobe stock

No need to go hiking to suffer from blisters on your feet, a simple walk without suitable shoes is enough. How to cure a blister? What are three common mistakes?

1.Drill the bulb

Do you have a large fluid-filled blister? Don’t drill it without precaution. Cleanwash it with soap and water or with an antiseptic. Then, sterilize a needle in the alcohol loudly or passing it to the flame a lighter and allowing it to cool. This sterilization allows to avoid them infectious risks.

2.Leave the blister undressed

Do not let the bulb “dry out” in the open air. Here too, she risks become infected. On the contrary, protect your bulb a Pad hydrocolloid, special bulb. Its silicone gel texture relieves painprotects the wound and favors the healing. Once the blister is less painful, the wound can be left undressed at night and a new one put on during the day to avoid chafing.

3. Tear off the skin

The skin bulb protects the dermis and also promotes wound healing like a natural wound dressing. It is advisable to leave the skin of the bulb as it is without pulling on it.

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