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• The list of the 10 most searched future electric models on the web shows some interesting trends.
• Tesla dominates the list with two models expected for several years.
• Apple’s planned car makes a great appearance on this list.

Here are the 10 most searched future electric cars on the web

As we know, the next few years will introduce us to dozens of new electric models. Manufacturers are almost all committed to a future without an internal combustion engine and are investing heavily to electrify their range.

More and more consumers are preparing for the transition. One of the things they do is search the web for information about the models they are interested in.

For viewers, it’s a chance to take a look at what interests people the most. It gives an idea of ​​what consumers expect in the market. That doesn’t mean sales will be a direct reflection of current search trends, but it gives an idea and is fun to experiment with.

Here are the 10 most anticipated electric models according to research.

The first two places are occupied by two Tesla products, the Roadster and the Cybertruck. This is a clear reflection that brand enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for new models. As the competition intensifies, Tesla will need new products to stay on top and far ahead. In the case of the Roadster, that’s impressive because the car was announced in 2017. The Cybertruck, which was presented three years ago, is still highly anticipated. Curiosity in his case is certainly a factor.

In the third row is a model who promises to be a hit with her sweet style. The Volkswagen ID Buzz will bring the Microbus era of the 1960s back to life and is sure to please everyone who lived through that period as well as those who wish they had lived through it.

In fourth place another surprise, the car planned by Apple in 2025. It is the only model on this list whose unveiling is not expected in 2023. We will see if this vehicle sees the light of day eventually.

The next two headings are for General Motors (GM) products. In order, the GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq emerge as expected vehicles.

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As for places seven to ten, they are held respectively by the Polestar 3, Fisker Ocean, Mercedes-Benz EQE and Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 sedan, a model that will make its debut in the coming months.

Is the vehicle you are expecting on this list?

As for the number of searches performed, the following table puts things into perspective.

Models Annual research

1 – Tesla Roadster 6,960,000
2—Tesla Cybertruck 6,612,000
3 — Volkswagen ID Buzz 4,404,000
4—Apple Car 3,432,000
5—GMC Hummer EV 2,400,000
6 – Cadillac Lyriq 2,100,000
7 — Polestar 3 2,088,000
8—Fisher Ocean 1,992,000
9—Mercedes-Benz EQE 1,416,000
10 — Hyundai Ioniq 6,900,000

2019 Tesla Cybertruck prototype


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