Tesla will start its “mega-factory” in Europe

Nothing stops Tesla’s global conquest, not even the tense geopolitical situation in Europe. The American manufacturer of electric vehicles will be able to start production on the Old Continent via Germany.

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Tesla has just received final approval to start production at its first European “mega-factory” near Berlin. After many administrative adventures, his billionaire boss Elon Musk has just obtained authorization from the Brandburg authorities. In the absence of a building permit, Tesla had started the work two years ago on the basis of provisional authorizations. The factory was just waiting for the precious sesame to officially start production and thus see its first cars come off the lines at the end of March.

The site covers 300 hectares, 3,000 people have already been recruited there and, eventually, the giant factory should have 12,000 employees. At cruising speed, 500,000 vehicles will be manufactured on site each year – the Tesla Model Y, 100% electric SUVs – which will allow the American manufacturer to increase its production capacity and meet the growing demand that is reflected today. today with delivery delays of up to six months.

The arrival of Tesla in the kingdom of Mercedes and Volkswagen appears as an electroshock for the German automobile industry. All the more so when the two national manufacturers are also massively investing in electric cars. But the Germans are not afraid of competition. The arrival of Tesla will give a boost to the ambitions of each other through new investments. Just one example: Tesla can manufacture an electric car in ten hours compared to more than thirty hours for Volkswagen. Volkswagen and the others, in Germany and elsewhere, will work twice as hard. This is called emulation.

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