Tesla will offer car insurance based on the quality of your driving

Tesla offers a new insurance formula based on the driving quality of its users. The offer is available in eight states in North America. Before a launch in Europe?

If Tesla is not a car manufacturer like the others, it is not the most classic car insurer either. Indeed, in the United States, the brand has been offering for several years to insure the drivers of its Model 3, Model S and other Model Y, according to a classic formula linked to mileage and the profile of the owner. But this one is called to evolve, and this, as of today towards a model centered on the quality of driving of the drivers. Indeed, our colleagues from Electrek reveal that a new insurance offer has been launched in eight states (Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Virginia). It is based on the sensors of the Tesla to note the conduct of their owner… and to determine the price of the contribution.

How does Tesla rate the conduct of its drivers? This is a subject on which the manufacturer does not pour out, even if it gives some indications. Indeed, among the criteria taken into account, we note the force of the braking, the speed in the curves or the number of safety alerts and anti-collision alerts generated by the OS. Each Tesla would be able to determine a score out of 100, which the driver would have access to in real time. On the other hand, Tesla does not indicate whether the performance under Autopilot, and the propensity of the user to request “autonomous” driving are taken into account in the calculation of the note.

Good plans for good pilots

According to the manufacturer, which considers its vehicles safer than those of the competition, even an “average” driver could earn between 20% and 40% on the amount of his premium. As for the most safety-conscious pilots, they could be rewarded with a discount of up to 60% of the initial insurance price. In addition, Tesla indicates that the amount of the bonus is likely to vary each month depending on the driving score of the members. Finally, again according to Electrek, Tesla intends to deploy its “real-time” insurance formula in other markets, including Europe.

In France, insurance based on driving quality is nothing new. Some insurers already offer similar formulas for which the driver undertakes to install a box in his vehicle. This is most often connected to the diagnostic socket and only partly passes on the information relating to driving. In this sense, Tesla’s approach, while significantly more intrusive, also turns out to be more precise.

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