Tesla updates the Model S/X with a new rotating screen for a better in-car viewing experience

Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X with a new motorized rotation feature for the center display. This feature allows for a better in-car viewing experience, as the automaker is betting on more in-car entertainment.

Over the past few years, Tesla has put a lot of effort into in-car entertainment. From Tesla Theater for its live streaming services to video games, numerous software updates have been made to bring new entertainment features inside its electric cars.

The automaker even designs hardware around entertainment. This became evident with the updated Model S and X. Both Tesla flagships got a new large horizontal center screen better suited for watching videos and a new rear seat screen supported by a gaming PC.

Today, Tesla made the center screen in Model S and Model X more convenient for entertainment by adding swivel capability:

The motorized front rod is an aftermarket modification by the guy making the video, Larry Lee, and isn’t something standard on Tesla cars, but the motorized rotating screen is brand new.

It’s unclear when Tesla made the change to Model S and Model X, but Li said the car was produced in the last week of April. It would be fair to assume that Model S and Model X cars produced since then have this new version of the center display.

As you can see, the swivel gives enough angle for the screen to face more towards the driver or fully facing the front passenger.

The change allows for a better driver-centric experience, but the extent to which it can swivel to the right also makes it ideal for a front passenger to use the screen.

Tesla does not currently enable video playback on the center display when the car is not parked, but this is expected to change in the future as Tesla reaches a higher level of self-driving.

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