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The Top 100 of the “Most Valuable Global Brands”, established by the Kantar Brandz Institute since 2006, makes it possible to define the extent to which a brand contributes to the commercial value of its parent company, using the analysis of billions of data. For the 2022 edition, Kantar Brandz notes that the 100 companies in the ranking saw their value increase by 34% in 2021, compared to 42% in 2020, to reach a total of 8.7 trillion dollars. Since the first ranking established in 2006, the value of the Top 100 has increased by 406%.

Obviously, this ranking is dominated by the American Tech giants, with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in the lead. The firm at the apple alone weighs more than 947 billion dollars, against 819 billion for Google. As for the automotive sector, it weighs much less than other industries in this ranking with “only” 230.4 billion dollars.

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Tesla, the only manufacturer to progress

Nevertheless, four car manufacturers are in the top 100. Far ahead, Tesla jumps from the 47e at the 29e position thanks to a 78% higher brand valuation compared to the 2021 ranking, or $75.9 billion. Despite an increase in their respective valuations, the three other manufacturers appearing in the Top 100, on the other hand, lost a few places.

With $33.1 billion in brand value (+23%), Toyota ranks 66e (- 2 seats). Not far behind, Mercedes-Benz is 70e (– 3 places) with a valuation of 30.3 billion (+ 17%), while BMW is 76e (– 5 places) with 27.6 billion (+ 11%). Note that several global semiconductor giants, including Nvidia, Qualcomm and Intel, are also in this Top 100.

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Only four car manufacturers are on the list of the Top 100 most valuable brands in the world, produced by the Kantar Brandz Institute.

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