Tesla to ‘recall’ more than 800,000 cars over seatbelt issue

817,143 California electric cars will need to be updated. In question: the sound alert of the seat belt which is absent subscribers.

According to the Associated Press, Tesla will have to carry out a massive recall campaign. More than 800,000 vehicles, all models combined, are affected. These are the 2021 vintage Tesla Model 3, SX and Y. All have the same software issue relating to the seat belt. Indeed, when a seat belt is not fastened, a digital chime sounds to alert driver and passengers. However, on these 817,143 vehicles, a software defect would prevent the sound alert from being triggered in certain cases, even if the visual alert is indeed present on the screen. In concrete terms, the alert must have been interrupted without the seat belt having been fastened the previous time the vehicle was picked up for the problem to appear.

This security flaw was noted in early January by South Korean beta testers. The investigation conducted by Tesla ended on January 25, the manufacturer having deemed that an intervention, commonly called a recall, was necessary.

A concern that is added to others

In the case of the Californian manufacturer, the recall does not always require users to go through the garage box. For this concern of the seat belt, as moreover for the problem of Rolling-stop which made certain stop signs “invisible”, Tesla can correct the situation via an OTA (over the air) update. This is installed automatically on the models concerned when they are stopped, generally at night.

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The software issue is certainly minor, but it comes at a time when Tesla is under fire from critics. Added to seat belt concerns is the unfortunate incident of rolling stop, which also follows the numerous complaints concerning ghost braking, which the NHTSA, the American federal highway safety agency, took up at the end of last year.

Source :AFP

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