Tesla: the $25,000 compact on sale earlier than expected?

Elon Musk announced it a few months ago: Tesla will offer an affordable electric compact car model in the next few years. While the models currently sold by the automaker range from 43,800 euros for the Model 3 to more than 100,000 euros for the Model X, the future vehicle should be offered at 25,000 dollars, or just over 21,000 euros.

If no deadline has yet been indicated, according to an informed observer, everything suggests that this car could point the tip of its nose much earlier than expected, he indicated on the Weibo social network, quoted by Automobile-Propre and 01Net. Engineers from Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai are already working on this model, which could even be tested by the end of the year in China.

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During its “Battery Day”, in September 2020, Tesla unveiled the outlines of this project. Elon Musk had also confirmed his goal of building a mid-range vehicle by 2023. “In about three years, there will be a car at 25,000 dollars, and completely autonomous,” he had promised. But in Europe, the price of this new Tesla could be much higher. The Model 3 promised before its launch at 35,000 dollars was finally offered at 49,600 euros in France.

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