Tesla suspends Cybertruck orders in Europe

Electric car maker Tesla has presumably stopped taking Cybertruck orders on its websites in China and Europe. Tesla now only allows visitors to sign up for updates about the pickup.

While the Cybertruck has already been delayed countless times, it seems that it is now impossible to order a copy in Europe and China. Indeed, several customers had the bad surprise to see that it was impossible to reserve or order a Cybertruck on the official Tesla website.

Previously, it was possible to make a reservation by paying a small refundable deposit of 100 euros, but this button has been changed and now leads to a registration form for future updates regarding the vehicle. SOnly US customers are still able to reserve a Cybertruck.

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Tesla already has plenty of Cybertruck pre-orders to fulfill

While production probably won’t begin until 2023, we know Tesla already has a long list of pre-orders to fulfill, which may explain why it’s now impossible to add your name to the queue. As a reminder, in August 2021, Tesla already had 1.2 million pre-orders for its Cybertruck. At the time of writing this article, this number would be closer to 1.5 millionbut Tesla has not confirmed this data for several months now.

The American automaker therefore has enough vehicles to manufacture for the next few years. According to information from The Electric Viking, the Tesla Cybertruck would be out of stock until 2027. If you could order a Tesla Cybertruck today, then you would likely have to wait way too long to see it in your garage. By stopping pre-orders, Tesla therefore probably wants to save new customers from waiting for the futuristic pickup for several years.

As a reminder, the Cybertruck is expected to be manufactured at Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, but this is still under construction. Tesla should nevertheless start production well before the factory is finished, as was the case in the Gigafactory in Shanghai and Berlin.

Source: Electrek

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