Tesla Semi Truck: pre-orders are open

Tesla’s long-delayed Semi electric truck may be available soon. Indeed, while no official release date has been announced, it is now possible to pre-order the vehicle.

Interested parties can reserve their Semi truck for 4,000 euros initially. Then, in order to complete the reservation, it will be necessary to add 13,000 euros within the following ten days. The total cost of the operation is therefore 17,000 euros.

Tesla Semi – Credit: Tesla

Tesla took the opportunity to give more technical details about its electric truck. Thus, the company initially plans to release two variants. The first version will have a range of approximately 480 kilometers, and will cost 150,000 dollars, or around 144,000 euros. The second variant will be able to travel more than 800 kilometers on a single charge, for a total cost of $180,000, i.e. 173,000 euros.

Tesla Semi: the vehicle could be available in 2023

The company states that the Semi will require virtually no maintenance. According to the manufacturer, users should save more than 190,000 euros every two years compared to traditional semi-trailers. This sum includes the price of fuel which the user will obviously not have to pay.

Tesla’s Semi Truck is powered by four electric motors. The manufacturer also claims that it will be possible to tow a trailer of more than 36 tons. However, Tesla does not specify whether the announced autonomy takes into account the weight of a fully loaded trailer. The Semi will also be equipped with the autopilot system dear to Tesla, which should allow semi-autonomous driving on the highway.

The official release date has therefore not been communicated by Tesla. In summer 2021, the company claimed that the Semi would be available at the end of 2022. But, last April, Elon Musk returned to these statements. The CEO of Tesla thus suggested that the release of the Semi could be postponed to 2023. In the meantime, the firm continues to produce its most popular vehicles, such as the Model Y and Model 3, the price of which increased last year.

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