Tesla raises prices again

Inflation, component shortages, energy costs, shipping…the price hike was predictable, and should give many potential Tesla customers pause. The price of the Model 3 in France increases again to settle at €53,490, the Turbo.fr site tells us. Formerly right in the price to take full advantage of the ecological bonus (43,800 €), the price of the model had already been raised three times fans in recent months to settle at 44,990 €.

With a list price of €53,490, the vehicle remains eligible for the bonus since it can be requested for any purchase of an electric vehicle for an amount of less than €60,000. But the amount cannot reach €6,000. Future customers can just hope for a maximum of €2,000 off the purchase of a Model 3, with few options. The threshold of €60,000 being close, and easy to reach when configuring the vehicle.

New increase in the price of the Model 3 in France

The Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie, which could so far benefit from the ecological bonus, sees its base price climb above the limit to €62,490. Our Turbo colleagues note that the increase is a little lower on the Performance model, which is priced at “only” €1,500. However, the price increases do not only concern the Model 3. The Model Y, another very popular model, sees its base price increase to €69,771.

An even greater increase than on the Model 3, nearly €3,000 more. But that’s nothing compared to the Tesla Model X’s base price increase of €5,757 to €115,855. Tesla, like all car manufacturers, must face an increase in its costs for supplies and logistics. The demand for electric cars remains very strong, and delivery times exceed 6 months at Tesla.

Elsewhere in the competition, there are also strong price increases. This is the case of the Dacia Spring, the price of which has risen by 14% in 12 months, or the Renault Twingo E-Tech Life / Authentic (+11%). However, there are several exceptions: for example the Mini Cooper SE whose price has not changed for 12 months or the Renault Zoé Life whose price has even fallen by 0.11% in the meantime.

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