Tesla puts a stop to its Sliding Stop

It is the American manufacturer which, on its own initiative, decided to recall no less than 53,822 of its cars equipped with the Full Self-Driving system. Explanations.

In France, each driver is subjected to a strict stop at each Stop encountered, before being able to engage again if the situation allows it. Not in the United States where the legislation in this area is, in certain situations and intersections, a little more permissive. Thus, Tesla had been able to equip since the end of 2020 some of its American cars with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) function, equipment that could be translated into French as “sliding stop”, in other words allowing the driver not to mark a real stop with his car, a bit like when giving way. To use FSD, a Tesla must be traveling at less than 9 km/h, have good visibility and that no one else is near the intersection.

Prevention rather than cure

Althoughno incident is to be deplored due to a malfunction of this equipmentTesla nevertheless decided to anticipate, by taking the decision to deactivate (free of charge) this functionality on the models concerned (the vast majority of its range), after several discussions with the American road safety (NHTSA). Tesla has thus recognized the increase in a potential risk of collision because of the FSD, even though Elon Musk has said on Twitter in recent hours that there are “no safety issues” with this equipment.

Published on 02/03/2022 Updated 02/03/2022

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