Tesla plans to build factories in Canada and Mexico

Elon Musk said a few days ago that Tesla won’t necessarily choose to set up a factory in the United States in the future. However, the company plans to build one in Canada and Mexico. This plant will be the new North American plant. Last week, Musk held a company staff meeting. During a Q&A with employees, Musk was asked where Tesla’s next US factory would be located. Musk replied that Tesla hasn’t decided yet. He clarified, however, that there might not be a factory in the United States either.

Musk said: We are looking for a suitable factory site, but we are considering a wider area of ​​the whole of North America including Canada, Mexico and the United States. »

Musk’s words sounded like Tesla was actively looking for a site, but he also made it clear that Tesla’s top priority is North America. For now, the company’s priority is to achieve mass production at its Gigafactory in Texas.

“The immediate priority is to move the Texas Gigafactory into mass production, but getting there is very difficult. Bringing the Texas Gigafactory into mass production is much more important than finding a new site, and of course, we are in that process as well. Searching for (new site)…”

Scaling up production of such a complex product as electric vehicles is undoubtedly difficult. Although Tesla has a long history of ramping up vehicle production, doing so at the Gigafactory in Texas has been particularly difficult.

The automaker has previously said it aims to have mass production at its Gigafactory in Texas by the end of 2022. Musk also said Tesla could announce the location of the new factory by the end of 2022. the year.

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