Tesla PI: Elon Musk’s first smartphone

For several years, rumors have been circulating about the design of a smartphone by Tesla. Today, the project is taking shape in earnest with the release of Tesla Model PI. In order to compete with the giants Apple, Samsung or even Xiaomi, Elon Musk made the choice of diversification by designing the first phone of his brand. In effect, You’re here is first known to be the largest seller of electric cars. This time, the man who proclaimed himself “Technoking” in 2021 intends to enter the race for smartphones…


The features of the Tesla PI smartphone will be at the cutting edge of technology, so far no wonder…

With a 4 lens camera largely inspired by the giant with the bitten apple, this smartphone has nevertheless characteristics never seen before like a solar charging integrated in the back cover or even a ultrasonic unlocking. It is also thanks to a space of 2TB storage that Tesla intends to gain market share in this fiercely competitive environment.

His sleek design and its back shell changes color depending on the light could very well appeal to Apple’s customers.

What are the links with Elon Musk’s other projects?

the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is at the origin of many large-scale technological projects, particularly in the race for space conquest with the construction of its own rockets sold to NASA, for example.

For his smartphone, he has planned a Internet access via Starlinka constellation of 2,000 SpaceX satellites providing much of the planet’s internet network. From then on, Tesla PI users will benefit from a super fast connection and may also download and send very large files. Elon Musk even planned what to use his smartphones on mars, planet on which he relies to house future communities.

The startup Neuralink of Elon Musk, whose brain implant projects have not yet really been launched on the market, could still be an interface connected to the Tesla PI. Everything remains to be discovered…

Finally, the smartphone will be delivered with the Marscoin mining functionality : crypto currency which will be largely useful on Mars according to Elon Musk.

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Since the smartphone will be linked to Tesla cars or other brand technologies, the data protection appears to be a major issue here. From the moment there is a connection between various devices, them users become more vulnerable about their data.

Moreover, what may cause concern right now is the fact that these smartphones will be connected to Neuralink technology, subject to heated debate. We don’t yet have enough hindsight to determine if the brain implants developed by the company will really be healthy and useful.

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