Tesla Model Y Performance: the first Tesla made in Germany in the test

Long announced and long delayed (like most of Elon Musk’s projects, gossip will say), the Tesla factory in Berlin is finally producing cars. Or more precisely, at present, a very specific type of car: the Model Y Performance, black, with a black interior… Waiting for more diversity very soon, as well as an area of ​​this Gigafactory dedicated to the construction of battery cells. It is therefore one of the very first copies (among the first 3,000 products), which we had the leisure to try out for a long time. This new assembly line coincides with the launch of the marketing in Europe of the most powerful version of the electric SUV family.

What distinguishes a Tesla Model Y produced in Berlin from the same model produced in Shanghai, such as the first one we were able to try (read our test of the Tesla Model Y Long Autonomy)? Not much to be honest. The manufacturing quality, long mocked at Tesla, sometimes unfairly, lives up to expectations. On the inside, materials and assemblies give complete satisfaction. And on the outside, the gaps between body panels are about regular. Less adjusted to the millimeter than with the most manic manufacturers, but much more precise than on the first Model 3s landed in France three years ago.

Convincing quality for this Tesla Model Y produced in Berlin

A few specifics reveal that the car is constantly evolving: a luggage cover (not very practical to handle) appears in the trunk, while the seats are very slightly modified in their design to offer better support. These new features brought to the Berlin plant will then be applied to other production lines. In short, a Tesla Model Y produced in Berlin advances the same manufacturing quality as its brothers from Fremont or Shanghai. This is both reassuring and worth emphasizing, given how chaotic the setting up of factories can sometimes be.

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