Tesla Model X > TESLA is the least reliable brand! And you say it…

The European survey on the reliability and satisfaction of car owners, on the Old Continent, reveals that YOU’RE HERE is the dunce of reliability and that the Asians are always so well built according to their owners.

It must be said that most of the problems encountered relate to electrical functions such as: windows, locking, ventilation, etc. If this is not vital or dangerous, it involves going back and forth to the dealership and therefore a loss of time.
The investigation reveals that very few security elements are concerned by the dysfunctions of vital organs, except in… YOU’RE HERE, which apparently had a wave of dead batteries after a few months of use. A very important phenomenon that took place on the Model X and it seems that the Model 3 or a tad weaker on its accumulators. At the same time, given the number of Tesla Model 3 that have passed with us, we will soon be fixed… As often, in these reliability tests, these are Lexus (1st in the ranking) and its parent company Toyota (3rd in the ranking) who are doing well with 5 and 9% of owners who needed to go through the garage box. South Korean brands do very well with KIA in 5th place and hyundai at the 7th. The best European cars are far behind the Asians with the first of them, SEAT, which comes in 10th place, chased by Dacia just behind. German premiums are placed in the second half of the table. Like what, the expensive is not necessarily synonymous with reliability, which goes against the satisfaction figure which is at the very top. An effect found in YOU’RE HERE. Indeed, if more than 40% of YOU’RE HERE had to go through the dealership, the customers who are readily nicknamed the ” AyatoTesla willingly accept sloppy finishes, major assembly faults, jamming of low-end plastics… since they place TELSA in the first place of satisfaction.

Finally, be aware that the models with the most problems are almost always diesels. Among the most reliable models, we find especially hybrid models.

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