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The emergence of the electric car is upsetting our mobility, but also our habits in this area. Take the case of maintenance and repairs. Having to go to your dealer each time, is this still something in tune with our times? Not really. At least not in Tesla’s eyes. The American brand claims to be able to carry out up to 80% of repairs simply over the air, that is to say thanks to a remote software update, or at the customer’s home directly. The latter therefore no longer has to go to a workshop – time is also money – and Tesla can reduce its payroll. In short, everyone wins. “I have now been working for Tesla for four years and we have gone from 22 to 24 technicians in Belgium. A particularly small figure when we see the number of Teslas sold in our country over this period. Tesla Mobile Service Technician, Marijn thus concretely presents the advantage of the formula for his employer. Today he will be our guide.

“It all starts with the car itself. In the event of a problem, it carries out a self-diagnosis (when buying a Tesla, the customer must always register digitally with the Tesla workshop of his choice, Ed). The report is then sent to the Service Center, which can possibly order the necessary parts. And this is indeed done even before the customer contacts us. ” Why ? So that the customer who makes an appointment does not have to wait unnecessarily for the parts to arrive. This kind of appointment is settled instantly. Just use the Tesla app, and you’re done. Your Tesla also tells you who to call, the workshop or the mobile team.

Mechanical and programming

Today, two appointments are on Marijn’s schedule: a malfunctioning trunk lock and the installation of an Autopilot module. “The customer had ordered Enhanced Autopilot on their Model 3, but the essential module to manage the software could not yet be installed at the time of purchase. So we’ll do that now. And the trunk lock? “It’s also a Model 3. The data indicates that the signal from the trunk button is not transmitted. There is therefore a bad contact, certainly because the wire which must transmit the information is broken somewhere. But as we already know, we won’t have to search a lot and so we can quickly solve the problem. »

Someone who knows everything about high voltage and connectors, but does not know how to use an adjustable wrench, will not be suitable for this job. Marijn continues her demonstration by contorting herself to quibble with connections. “The opposite is also true. You have to know how an electric motor works and be able to identify any problems on a screen. It is therefore also necessary to know how to manage with a computer. It is also for this reason that we are seeing more and more profiles coming from ICT.”

Tesla Mobile Service

Fixed packages

Half an hour later, the new cable is in place and the trunk lock is working perfectly again. Does Marijn know in advance how long the repair will take? And how else can he plan his working day? “We have fixed packages for a whole range of interventions. One wiring is, for example, 0.6 hours. The retro-fit of the module just now is 1.8 hours. Obviously, this can fluctuate, back and forth, but it makes sense. Without this kind of system, it would be impossible to draw up a schedule for the nine Mobile Service Technicians who are currently criss-crossing Belgium. This way of doing things is also easier for customers. As each intervention has a fixed price, the invoice is directly established and it can be consulted and obtained via the application.

The physical presence of the owners of the vehicles is in no way essential throughout the process, even to intervene on the car.

Tesla Mobile Service

Retrofit, costs and additional services

Of course, the Tesla Mobile Service allows other types of intervention, such as the installation of other charging connectors, etc. So many operations that can be supplemented by additional services in the Tesla ecosystem. All this has a cost on which the American manufacturer does not communicate, but you can find out more about the “retrofit”, Tesla services and the cost of these different points by reading this article in its entirety in the Automotive Monitor #1770.

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