Tesla mistakenly charged a Chinese owner $600,000 for a charge

A Chinese Tesla Model 3 user received an alert from the Tesla app. She informed him of her Ban from the Tesla Supercharge network due to unpaid charges of CNY 3,846,306 ($608,708).

This Tesla Model 3 Standart Range Plus owner couldn’t believe his eyes. Precisely it is a note of 608,708 dollars attributed to him by Tesla for the use of his super chargers. He would have first received an alert from the application dedicated to the network of Tesla superchargers informing that his car was banned from service for unpaid charges. He then found himself with a monstrous bill when he still had to have credits.

A Chinese owner charged $60,000 by mistake by Tesla – Credits: Tesla

The amount of consumed electricity allocated to this consumer would be enough to fully charge the Tesla more than 32,000 times. A total of 1,923,720 kWh, almost 2 GWh… imagine the surprise…

A system failure

Fortunately, our victim was relieved after customer service informed him that the bill was caused by a system error that may occur with some models. We can therefore deduce that this person is not and will not be the only victim of this failure. And if some of this type have already been heard by the media, the latter holds all the records.

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If the service is indeed making repairs, it would seem that the cause is not yet fully resolved. It is not yet known exactly what is causing this failure, and it seems that it would involve several aspects of the Supercharger application.

Once again, making headlines, Elon Musk’s company pays the price for its over-mediatization. A few days ago, a Model 3 stopped alone on the highway, causing an accident and the death of the driver. It’s not just human errors, there are also technological errors. Thus, if the former have always been part of our environment, the errors allocated to artificial intelligence remain difficult to tolerate.

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Source: Carscoop

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