“Tesla makes everything simple”: Ford CEO warns his teams of the danger of competition from Elon Musk

Ford CEO Jim Farley has alerted his employees to the sizeable competition that Tesla now represents for them. According to him, the manufacturer created by Elon Musk has a significant lead in terms of energy efficiency.

Sometimes it is our competitors who weave the most beautiful laurel wreaths for us. As revealed by the Detroit Free Press on November 4, Ford CEO Jim Farley has seriously warned all of the group’s employees about the danger that Tesla represents.

They have resources, brains. The Model 3 is now the best-selling vehicle in Europe. Not just in the electrical department. In general (…) In some months, it is also the best-selling vehicle in California. If you want to succeed, we can’t ignore this anymore “, alerted Jim Farley.

The CEO of Ford did not content himself with a general warning. He then went into detail about why Tesla is such a threatening competitor. ” First of all, they have a direct model… There is no middleman. They make everything simple. Three or four clicks configure the vehicle and order its delivery », explains Jim Farley. According to him, the simple and non-negotiable price list of the electric car manufacturer founded by Elon Musk contributes to the good readability of its offer.

Tesla and its successes such as the Model 3 worry Ford. Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

“No one does it better than them”

The other major asset of Tesla, according to the CEO of Ford, is the energy management of its vehicles. ” No one does better than them in this area. Their customers pay less for a better battery. Last point to which Jim Farley drew the attention of his teams: The models [Tesla ] are very different from those of manufacturers who make thermal cars (…) These are less complex products. It is this reduced complexity that allows them to rapidly increase in scale. They can cut costs, they have already done that. They can keep the manufacturing process simple.»

Ford seems to have a good grasp of consumer expectations in the electric field: its Ford Mustang Mach-E is a very successful SUV and its Ford F-150 Lightning pickup planned for 2022 promises to be ambitious and affordable. But the fact is that in the electric market, Tesla has carved out a very comfortable lead. Barely eleven years after its IPO, Elon Musk’s company has also crossed the very symbolic milestone of 1,000 billion in valuation, which only 6 companies have managed to exceed in the past.

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