“Tesla made a mistake” an owner testifies

The V11 software update for my Model 3 removed a lot of functions and information from the main screen and placed them behind menus. Having to tap the screen to get what I need forces me to take my eyes off the road. I feel like my car has become a little less safe to drive.

Tesla is working on the ability to move icons in the new V11 interface

Wiil Fealey, President of Tesla Owners UK, says on a social platform that he is extremely confident in Tesla’s ability to listen to its users. He also claims to have passed all the feedback to the Tesla teams and they would have taken the feedback into account to integrate it into the product roadmap.

The testimony of a user following the update

I like that Tesla wants to keep improving and that requires changing some things. But the idea behind this update was supposed to be customization. Customization options are limited to choosing a few apps for the dock, being forced to have a “recent apps” section that takes up dock space, and preventing old dock buttons from being reinstated.

This change actually reminds me of when Apple introduced the TouchBar on the MacBook Pro. (Which I’m typing on right now). The Touch Bar has done away with the physical keys that many loved. But where Apple has made a difference in forcing this change on users is that you can modify the TouchBar to have the exact same buttons, in the same order, that you had with the physical keys if you wish. So you didn’t have to change how the top row of keys worked if you didn’t want to. Options were added, but the option to use the old way of doing things was not removed.

This is where Tesla made a mistake. The new UI didn’t need to remove the ability to use the old layout, but it did just that.

I know some of you are going to love the changes, and that’s great! I’m glad you like it. I don’t think it’s up to me to say you should like or dislike the same things I do. What worries me is that if Tesla wants us to be able to customize on-screen controls, go all the way! Let me keep all my icons where they were before and let those who like the new look do it how they want. (I concede that the car and app library icons should be fixed. Allowing these to be removed from the dock would break car functionality).

End of the rant. Take care and have a great day!

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