Tesla is starting Christmas “discounts” on certain Model Y and Model 3

Many people who recently ordered a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 and were waiting to receive delivery were hoping the automaker would drop prices. This is still not the case, except on certain demonstration models, but instead the American company is using another lever to try to convince them: free Supercharges.

There is still plenty of stock of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y on the manufacturer’s website, and it seems determined to sell them before the end of the year. In fact, the end of the quarter at the company of Elon Musk is always of crucial importance, and in order to break the records, it is necessary to deliver a maximum of vehicles. A new handle has just been activated to try to convince the last undecideds.

Return of the free Supercharge

Tesla’s referral program, which ended in the fall of 2021, offered the godchild and sponsor a few hundred kilowatt-hours of Supercharge to travel for free. In practice, each sponsorship provided 372 kWh to each person, making it possible to travel more or less 1800 kilometers.

This time, Tesla advertises offering “about 10,000 kilometers” of Supercharger credits, and they are valid for two years. Below you can see the email received by customers currently awaiting delivery.

The email received from Tesla by customers receiving delivery before the end of 2022

On top of that, Tesla explains the terms of the offer in detail:

Tesla has decided to provide free Supercharger credits equal to approximately 10,000 km driven if you receive a Tesla vehicle between December 15 and December 31, 2022. Free Supercharger credits will be credited to your Tesla account in January 2023 and will remain valid for a period of two calendar years from the date of delivery. Free Supercharger Credits are not transferable to another vehicle or person and cease to be valid upon transfer of ownership of your vehicle. Tesla is not responsible if, for any reason, delivery of your vehicle cannot take place before December 31, 2022 and you are not eligible for this offer. Used cars are excluded from this offer.

If Tesla applies the same rules as at the time of the sponsorship, we will consider it 2,480 kWh credited for these 10,000 kilometers. At the current rate of 0.66 euros per kWh, this represents a gift of 1,640 euros.

Besides this small financial incentive, sales have actually started to get rid of the last Tesla Model 3 in stock. Take effect, Price adjustments of around 3,000 euros have already been proposed, increasing the price to 48,490 euros instead of 51,490 euros. And this is just the beginning, after all Tesla has two weeks left to sell all the available vehicles.

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