Tesla increases its prices (again)

Tesla’s success is such that Elon Musk can probably afford everything without affecting the commercial success of his vehicles.

After a substantial price increase last March, which already followed a particularly inflationary year 2021, the Tesla catalog is taking a new hit with the increase in all the models of the American manufacturer.

In detail, the Tesla Model Y is now billed at €69,771, i.e. €2,869 more, the Model X goes from €110,110 to €115,855.

Regarding the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, the price is up 5% (+ €2,500 to €53,490). The Model 3 Grande Autonomie also takes 2,500 € to settle at 62,490 €, and the Model 3 Performance “only” 1,500 €: 66,490 € against 64,990 € previously.

With a further increase in the price of Tesla models and the reduction in the ecological bonus recorded for July 1, the bill will increase more and more for French people wishing to acquire an electric vehicle with the pioneering brand’s logo.

Inflation that does not prevent Tesla from having exploding order books, and lengthening deadlines, with for certain models a waiting time of more than six months.

Despite all this, Tesla’s success is undeniable and the company continues to make colossal profits.

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