Tesla further increases the price of its Superchargers in France

The price of the American manufacturer’s fast chargers has risen again today, which makes the cost of long trips in an electric car even more expensive. On top of that, the delays are getting longer again to get a Tesla Model 3. Let’s take stock.

For once, unfortunately, another sharp rise in the prices of Superchargers in France took place last night, and it is quite substantial. This is the second time in three months that prices have risen significantly.

An ever-increasing cost for long journeys

Overnight, Tesla increased Supercharge prices in France by 15%, taking the national average from 0.40 euros per kilowatt hour to 0.46 euros. If this means nothing to you, estimating an average consumption on the highway at 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, it comes to 9.2 euros per 100 kilometers, if you own a Tesla.

Increase Superchargers France Tinqueux
The Tinqueux Supercharger in France has a rate of 0.47 euros per kilowatt hour // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

Indeed, with Superchargers open to vehicles of other brands, the price rises to 0.69 euros per kilowatt hour on certain sites, bringing the cost per 100 kilometers to around 14 euros on the motorway. Of course, it is possible to subscribe to a monthly subscription to lower the price, and benefit from the same price as Tesla vehicles, but it will cost you 12.99 euros per month.

France Non-Tesla Supercharger Prices
The price of Superchargers in France for non-Tesla vehicles is soaring

In any case, this follows the recent dynamics of Tesla which will undoubtedly transform its network into a source of profit in the medium term, which is why more and more stations are open to third-party vehicles, and the increase in tariffs n probably isn’t over.

Fortunately, as we mentioned in our dedicated file, the average costs over the year remain correct for an electric vehicle if long journeys are infrequent.

Longer lead times for a Tesla Model 3

The increase in Supercharger prices followed an increase in the prices of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion that we told you about here, and since then, the delivery times for the entry-level model have jumped, and there is no now has more guarantee of being in possession of the vehicle before next year, in 2023.

Model 3 Propulsion February 2023
The deadlines for having a Tesla Model 3 delivered exceed the year 2022

All this comes at a time when access to raw materials becomes more expensive and more complicated, and when the shortage of components is not over, which undoubtedly pushes Tesla to drive up prices, electricity to the final vehicle.

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