Tesla fails to recruit for its Berlin gigafactory

The manufacturer is struggling to find qualified personnel. In question, wages lower than those offered by the competition.

“Recruitment is not progressing at the expected rate at Tesla”. This is the observation made by IG Metall. The main German union receives feedback from the Gruenheide site, where Tesla’s Gigafactory is located.

Skilled workers there complain of too low wages, around 20% lower than those of the competition. As a result, the union is sounding the alarm: “many people would be interested in a move to Tesla, but ultimately decide not to go, in particular because they sometimes earn a lot more in their current company”.

Objective: 12,000 employees

Today, just over 3,000 people work in this factory. Tesla hopes to increase to 12,000 once car production begins. But for that, the manufacturer will certainly have to put his hand in the wallet.

Especially since at the same time, branch negotiations are about to begin in Germany. And in a context of accelerating inflation, IG Metall is calling for significant wage increases, around 7 to 8% for the entire automotive sector.

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