Tesla drivers are becoming more and more victims of incivility on the road because of Elon Musk?

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Tesla drivers would increasingly become victims. The reason: the image of Elon Musk clinging to the body of their car.

The electric car is not always viewed positively by part of the population, always resistant to news. And this is all the more the case with the Tesla, which has become the symbol of the electric car. Superchargers are often squatted by thermals like an arm wrestle, for example. But the behavior would go even further.

This is according to a recent report by Axios, after conducting a survey of Tesla drivers in Iowa, USA. The latter indicated that they would be increasingly abused by other drivers: blocked terminals, fish tails or refusal of priority would be daily situations. Even worse, many owners would fall victim to insults and other rude gestures for no apparent reason.

The Tesla vectors of the bad image of Elon Musk?

If the denial of the electric car is obvious, other reasons would explain this behavior. According to Marc Geller, spokesman for the Electric Vehicle Association, Elon Musk’s public positions would explain this psychosocial phenomenon: his management of the Twitter team and, above all, the restoration of Donald Trump’s account on the network at Blue Bird would have added fuel to the fire. At least coal on the Tesla, as some owners have been able to pay the price.

According to them, they would be more victims of poor attention in Tesla than when driving any other car. It remains to be seen whether Tesla drivers here would not be more aware of different behavior than when they are with a more ordinary car. In any case, especially electric cars and Teslas divide and, as usual, cause a part of the population to rise up without rational reasons against another, more minority part.

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