Tesla does not like the cold, Poco F5 appears before its time, this is the summary

He can’t recharge his Tesla Model S because of the cold, the technical sheet of the Poco F5 looks good, Windows 11 File Explorer will gain more stability, let’s go to the summary of the previous day.

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Last straight line before the end of the year. If in a few days we celebrate the New Year, it does not mean that tech news rests on its laurels and waits for the transition to 2023 to show its exuberance. Thus, Xiaomi’s Poco F5 is starting to be talked about again, which should have serious assets to win the hearts of many users. A potential future hit in mid-range smartphones?

For its part, Windows 11 will benefit from an overhaul of File Explorer. No new design in sight, but an important technical modification which should give the control system better stability and increased speed.

Finally, we couldn’t help but tell you about the setback of a Tesla user who was unable to recharge his electric car in time… Because of the cold! All this we explain to you in our summary of the day, here we go.

Windows 11 Explorer is getting a big improvement

Although Microsoft is committed to perfecting the aesthetics of Windows 11 here and there, the Redmond giant does not forget the stability and speed of the operating system and its applications. Thus, the operation of File Explorer will soon be completely reviewed and fixed, especially regarding its dependency on other OS processes. Don’t worry, it’s much simpler than it seems and we’ll explain everything to you in our article linked below.

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Poco F5 could be the best mid-ranger in 2023

If the technical sheet for the Poco F5 had already been revealed a few weeks ago, new elements have just been leaked. And it may well be that Xiaomi has its future bestseller. Powerful processor, extraordinary battery, wide-definition screen… We can’t wait for the manufacturer to officially reveal its smartphone so we can give you a full test.

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His Christmas is ruined because his Tesla won’t charge due to the cold

Bad luck for this radio host who was forced to cancel the Christmas parties. Within 24 hours of the event, he was unable to recharge his Tesla Model S. According to him, the cause of his accident was due to the cold. And the lower the temperature, the lower the battery charge while the vehicle was connected to a Supercharger terminal.

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