Tesla crosses the bar of 1,000 Model Ys produced in a week at its Berlin factory

In the generalized production hell, you have to know how to appreciate even the most symbolic of victories. This is what Tesla is doing by welcoming the passage of the 1,000 Model Ys assembled in a week at its Berlin factory.

At the moment, all car manufacturers, from the smallest to the largest, are facing major production difficulties while the entire industrial world continues to suffer from a shortage of components. But at Tesla, difficult deliveries, we know and, above all, we got away with it with honors, which will not necessarily be the case for certain new players in the electric world, however successful the models they offer. .

And Elon Musk’s brand currently needs all its experience in overcoming adversity to move forward, since it currently has a double challenge: to increase the productivity of two new huge factories, the Gigafactory in Berlin and Texas. A task already difficult in normal times and made even more complex therefore by the insufficiency of certain spare parts.

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As a result, we know how to be satisfied with small successes contributing to the good morale of the troops, such as crossing last Friday the symbolic bar of 1,000 Model Ys assembled in one week on the German antenna, even if the objective was to get there by april.

Strangely, it was not the deficiencies during gestation that created the slowdowns making it difficult at first to cross the 350 weekly units, but mainly the painting. It must be said that, unlike its Texan counterpart whose production is limited by the lack of 4680 cells, the Grünheide plant produces Model Ys with 2170 cell batteries which are no longer available, the switch to 4680 being only planned more late.

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