Tesla & charging centers | The brand entertains motorists

When the time comes to choose an electric carmany consumers turn to the world leader in this field: You’re here. The flagship brand is renowned for its vehicles combining quality equipment and a sense of aesthetics. In order to distribute more and more of its products around the planet, the company is launching more and more charging points. It has also flooded the world with new generation equipment: Superchargers. With their growing presence, Tesla also plans to develop centers that allow users charging their vehicles to be entertained. Discover the current projects!

A strategic location of Superchargers

As we said, 30,000 Superchargers have been installed all over the world and allow customers to recharge their vehicles at a price lower than that of gasoline in 15 minutes (for approximately 275 km).

The brand has rolled out this range of products strategically, arranging them around the main roads, and in particular at motorway service stations.

History to see its reputation boom from month to month, it intends to do everything to make the experience of its users even more satisfactory. How ? The company has every intention of not only providing lightning-fast charging capabilities, but it also wants distract motorists during this time ! No need to find an online casino on Casinoscanada.com and play slot machines and other games of chance during this down time. No more trying to win as many games of Candy Crush as possible: soon, you will be able to have fun in special centers…

Always improving the customer experience to boost sales

You may know that Tesla has already worked hard on setting up a mobile application system that helps you know where the available terminals are, but also allows you to follow the progress of your loading. You even receive a notification that the car is ready to go and you can get back on the road.

An increasingly serious rumor is also spreading like wildfire. It would indeed seem that Elon Musk’s company is currently working on the development of real charging centers, centers which would be installed in particular on motorway service areas and in commercial areas.

Thus, you would stop in these spaces, plug in your car and have access to activities to keep you entertained during the charging time. Of course, a catering / bar service would be on the program, but not only. Rumor has it a drive-in cinema allowing you to power the vehicle’s battery while watching your favorite movies, American style.

A first prototype soon to be implemented?

It seems that the project will very soon go into high gear, since the Californian company is about to launch its very first prototype of this kind of center near Hollywood, in Santa Monica.

Plans published on Twitter very recently suggest an original project. The area to be developed will have a diner type restauranta 50s-style American fashion classic.

Next to this establishment, two cinema screens would show films in the open air. The program would be made up of short films of about thirty minutes, a duration which would correspond to the loading time of the vehicles. For the development of such centers in Europe, we will have to wait a few more years, but the project seems interesting to say the least!

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