Tesla boss scares other auto brands on Twitter

Now that the boss of Tesla has bought Twitter, will he favor his car brand over competitors on the social network?

It was the event of this spring 2022: the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, the boss of the car manufacturer Tesla. For a total amount of 44 billion dollars, the highly publicized businessman who also owns SpaceX or Neuralink has indeed acquired the famous American social network, an essential professional tool for most brands in the world. The takeover also scared Tesla investors a little, causing the brand’s share price to fall on the stock market.

But there is now another question for Tesla’s direct competitors: the independence of Twitter’s treatment of automotive brands that communicate on the network (and sometimes buy advertising in the form of highlights like all other companies ). Knowing Elon Musk’s position with his manufacturer, won’t the latter be tempted to shed light on Tesla and push Volkswagen, Ford, Stellantis and all the other automotive groups seeking to compete with him into the shadows? ?

But what will Elon Musk do?

More generally, we are waiting to see what Elon Musk of the social network Twitter really intends to do, he who must first bring together the money and the investors to seriously complete his acquisition. It’s clear that his decisions are likely to have big repercussions on many levels…

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