Tesla Autopilot: extensive open investigation

The investigation opened last summer into the responsibility of the Tesla driver assistance system in a series of collisions with emergency vehicles, has been extended by the United States Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA).

The Tesla Autopilot investigation continues by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the United States traffic safety agency, moving from the stage of preliminary evaluation (August 2021) to that of analysis of ‘engineering. This is the last step before a possible recall, details a notice on the agency’s website. Autoactu.com recalls that the NHTSA will thus evaluate additional data and make its own evaluations of the vehicleand “explore the extent to which Autopilot or other Tesla driver assistance systems may exacerbate human or behavioral risk by compromising the effectiveness of driver supervision.”

Keep the right distances

Autopilot is supposed to help the driver follow the trajectory of the road and keep the correct distance from other vehicles, but Tesla makes it clear that the driver must remain vigilant at all times. The investigation also covers more vehicles (830,000 Model S, X, 3 and Y model year 2014-2022 instead of 765,000) and more accidents with first aid vehicles involved (16 instead of 11 ). The NHTSA also states thatnon-compliant use “does not necessarily exclude a fault in the system.

Published on 06/13/2022 Updated 06/13/2022

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