Tesla AI Day: what to expect?

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Tesla is organizing its first AI Day this Thursday, August 19, 2021, an event dedicated to autonomous systems and cars. Let’s take stock of what we can expect from this new appointment.

Every year, Elon Musk creates a new event for Tesla. After Autonomy Day two years ago and Battery Day in September 2020, here is AI Day. This Thursday, August 19, late in the evening for France, will take place this conference turned to the Autopilot.

Like the now famous Apple keynotes, Tesla holds conferences on various topics related to the electric car. As on Battery Day last year, little information has leaked out on the exact content of the presentation.

Nevertheless, we know that the theme of AI Day will be the autonomous car and the systems that compose it. A crucial subject, as the company launched the Full Self Driving subscription option.

Recently, Tesla had suffered criticism from some of its competitors on the subject. Internally, artificial intelligence is also a subject of debate, in particular for the real capacities of autonomous systems.

Elon Musk had been very clear about this AI Day and its usefulness for the American brand. The main theme of the day will be artificial intelligence, but Tesla wants to take the opportunity to work on recruitment.

“This day will be an opportunity to take stock of the evolution of AI-related software and hardware at Tesla”, Musk explained. The boss had specified that one of the subjects would be “machine learning”but that “the objective is to recruit”.

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