Ten years ago, Tesla gave a huge slap to automakers

After the very exotic Roadster, the Tesla Model S was launched just ten years ago. It was she who changed everything in the automobile market and contradicted all the manufacturers who did not believe in the viability of these large electric cars.

We are June 22, 2012. Tesla delivers to customers the first ten copies of the Model S, the first model created 100% by the teams of the Californian manufacturer in a brand new factory specially designed for this. The moment is important for Elon Musk, who managed to convince investors and the American state to loan him a lot of money to speed things up after the sale of the Roadster a few years earlier.

Car manufacturers looked with a curious eye at this large family sedan with a very classic style (sold from €64,760 in France that year). Most of them do not even believe in the concept of selling a car of this kind, which we readily imagine on long journeys when its batteries only allow it to drive barely more than 300 kilometers. And the big European bosses laugh at reading the big finishing problems noted by the first customers. But as these customers flock, as Tesla deploys its network of Superchargers and as the diesel gate scandal precipitates brands to go electric, everyone is starting to take the Model S seriously. Tesla is struggling with catastrophic cash flow worries and has been close to bankruptcy on many occasions, but Elon Musk is already preparing the arrival of the much cheaper Model 3 (the one that should finally bring profitability to his company).

Still there

Ten years later, therefore, the Model S is still in Tesla’s catalog. It now plays very high-end models and can develop more than 1000 horsepower in its Plaid version, which should arrive in Europe in the near future. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Polestar or Volkswagen are also offering or preparing 100% electric sedans and Tesla should exceed one million cars sold worldwide in 2022. All this thanks to the success of the Model S project, probably the most decisive of the whole history of the brand.

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