Telex: Oracle dismissed in HPE conflict, Google backpedals on free G Suite accounts, Researchers hack a Tesla Model 3 via BLE

Oracle dismissed in HPE dispute. The Supreme Court of the United States rejected the arguments of the Redwood Shores firm in the case opposing it to HPE (HP at the time) on the support of Itanium chips. Oracle is therefore forced to pay 3 billion dollars to HP in damages. The trial began in 2011 with the announcement of Oracle’s discontinuation of support for Itanium, considering that this platform was near the end. HP then attacked the firm of Larry Ellison.

Researchers hack a Tesla Model 3 via BLE. Cybersecurity experts from NCC Group have developed a tool capable of performing a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) relay attack that bypasses all existing protections to authenticate itself to targets. In this case, they tested the method on a 2020 Tesla Model 3 using an iPhone 13 mini running version 4.6.1-891 of the Tesla app. BLE technology is used in a wide range of products, from laptops, mobile phones, smart locks and building access control systems to cars.

Google backpedals on free G Suite accounts. At the beginning of the year, the firm announced the end of the free offer and the obligation to switch to paid Workspace. Turnaround, Google now offers individuals to keep their offer free. For this, you still have to take the step of canceling the request for transition to Workspace. For the record, G Suite accounts give access to the various office automation services of Google, but also to benefit from associating its own domain name with Gmail.

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