Telegram founder once again criticizes Apple

He did not go there by four paths. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, used his public account to criticize the fact that Apple limits the possibilities of web developers on iOS. According to him, this has unfortunate consequences for users of the web version of his instant messenger.

Pavel Durov criticizes the 30% commission on the App Store

In detail, Pavel Durov explains that many developers believe that ” Safari is killing the web “. And the CEO to drive the point home: ” We suspect Apple is intentionally crippling its web apps to force its users to download more native apps where Apple can take its 30% commission. »

As pointed out by our colleagues from 9to5mac, these criticisms fall rather badly for the apple brand. Last week, the British authorities indeed concluded that Apple “ limits the potential of competing browsers to differentiate themselves from Safari “. Therefore, these restrictions inhibit » the capabilities of web applications on iPhone and iPad. Based on these findings, the British government plans to launch antitrust proceedings against the Cupertino company.

Remember that this is not the first time that Pavel Durov has publicly criticized Apple. He then estimated that the 30% commission paid by developers on the App Store was far too high in view of what the management costs the company. And he adds: We know this because at Telegram we host and review more public content than the App Store ever will. “. – Official App

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