Suffering from Charcot’s disease, William films himself to “leave a trace”

Like William, which you can see in the video above, it starts with a loss of the ability to move the arms, the legs. Then when the muscles of the diaphragm and the chest wall are affected, the patients lose their breathing capacity and are put on assistance. According to medical statistics, death usually occurs … Read more

YouTube: Moscow accuses Google of “false information” and bans it from advertising

A photo taken in Toulouse shows the Youtube logo and a smartphone. The Russian telecommunications policeman announced, this Thursday, April 7, to ban Google from advertising in Russia. Roskomnadzor accuses YouTube, owned by the famous American firm, of being “a key platform for the dissemination of ‘fakes’ on the special military operation on the territory … Read more

Russia sanctions Google for distributing inappropriate content

During the war between Russia and Ukraine, the tech giants always tried not to spread false information and to avoid cyberattacks. Yet many media platforms still carried disinformation and some social media platforms even allowed the broadcast of death calls from Russian and Ukrainian heads of state. Recently, Russian regulators fined Google for not agreeing … Read more