Suffering from Charcot’s disease, William films himself to “leave a trace”

Like William, which you can see in the video above, it starts with a loss of the ability to move the arms, the legs. Then when the muscles of the diaphragm and the chest wall are affected, the patients lose their breathing capacity and are put on assistance. According to medical statistics, death usually occurs … Read more

A “healthy” homemade Coke? The false good idea of ​​TikTok

FOOD – Balsamic vinegar, sparkling water and Coca-Cola. If these three words seem to have no connection between them, TikTok users have managed to associate them. It all started with this video posted by Amanda Jones, aka @mandyvjones, in which she explains that her Pilates instructor drinks a “healthy” version of Coca-Cola almost every day. … Read more

This clinical cancer trial has “spectacular” results, but…

HEALTH – The results of this clinical trial would be “unprecedented”. In the New England Journal of Medicine, an article published on June 5 revealed a clinical study conducted on 12 patients with colorectal cancer. For six months, these patients received a dose of dostarlimab every three weeks. Thanks to this treatment, they would be … Read more

Where does Alzheimer’s disease come from? Study challenges main theory

ALZHEIMER – “These new elements upset what we think about the progression of Alzheimer’s disease”, concluded the American biologist Ralph Nixon, following the publication of a study on Alzheimer’s disease, which he directed, in the review Nature Neuroscience. Published Thursday, June 2, it describes new mechanisms that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and thus adds … Read more

Monkey pox: gay men ‘accused victims’ of the disease

LGBTQ+ – “If we allow these kinds of stigmatizing messages to spread and take hold, they will have long-term consequences,” warned Matthew Kavanagh in The world on May 25. The Deputy Director of UNAIDS was speaking about monkeypox, the media coverage of which has already, in part, led to stigmatization of the gay community. “These … Read more

Easter: The benefits of chocolate on your mental and physical health, according to science

EASTER – On this Easter Monday, it’s not the time to skip chocolate. Because stimulation of the brain and memory, or even a reduction in the risk of depression are all phenomena that have been demonstrated by scientific studies. In May 2016, researchers from the universities of Adelaide, Australia, Maine, USA and the Luxembourg Health … Read more

Explosion of lung cancer among women, urged to get screened

CANCER – “Lung cancer is no longer a disease of men”: tel is the main finding of a study presented at the French-language pneumology congress in January 2022. Carried out every ten years since 2000, this measures the evolution of these cancers treated and diagnosed in non-university centers in France. “What we have seen in … Read more