Paid podcasts can be hosted outside of Apple

Apple wants to make life easier for podcast creators. This fall, the new Delegated Delivery gateway will allow them to submit episodes (free and premium) to the Apple Podcasts service, sold by subscription and hosted on third-party partner platforms. At the moment, you have to provide the files to Apple, which requires additional work. As … Read more

Press: Google would have signed an agreement to remunerate 300 publishers in Europe

Google will soon present a new strategy vis-à-vis the press sector and the content included in its sections such as Google News. According to information from Reuters, the company has signed an agreement to pay 300 publishers in six European countries, including France. A tool allowing other organizations to join the program would also be … Read more

Eddy Cue would revamp Apple’s services business to maximize streaming and advertising

Apple wants to put an extra punch in services. Eddy Cue would be maneuvering to restructure this sector at Apple, which represents the second source of income for the manufacturer behind the iPhone (but ahead of everything else), with nearly 20 billion dollars earned in the first quarter (+ 17%) and 825 million paying subscribers. … Read more

Save stores will all repair iPhones with Apple’s approval

The smartphone repair brand Save will benefit from a more extensive Apple license for its approximately 220 stores. By the end of the year, Save (or Point Service Mobiles, from the name of the old brand in some places) will offer iPhone repairs in 200 shops instead of the 50 already concerned. Like other players … Read more

LosslessSwitcher: to listen to Apple Music in hi-res on Mac easily

The most stubborn audiophiles claim to hear the difference between the version lossless and version hi-res of a song distributed by Apple Music. You want to believe them, but you have to not only use an external DAC, but also change the system settings in the Audio MIDI Setup utility, which takes more time than … Read more

NFC: Brussels would accuse Apple of obstructing competition

Apple will face accusations from Brussels over the way it manages access to the NFC chip of its iPhonessays the FinancialTimes. A key step in an investigation opened in September 2020 towards manufacturers of mobile devices that offer an integrated contactless payment service. The NFC of the iPhone used for public transport, a usage scenario … Read more

For $ 2.5 billion, Apple would have won the rights to American football

Friday night baseball would only be an appetizer for Apple TV+. According to Puck NewsApple’s streaming platform has reportedly pocketed the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket, allowing it to broadcast regular-season games from the American Football League. Credit: Adrian Curiel (Unsplash) Currently, the operator DirecTV markets this service, at a price that varies from … Read more

CODA, the Apple TV+ film, will be screened in a hundred cinemas in France

CODA, the multi-Oscar-winning film from Apple TV+, will be exceptionally screened in hundreds of theaters in France, for a limited time. Pathé is on the move: the group will indeed distribute the feature film in several theaters on the Pathé-Gaumont circuit, but also at CGR, Kinepolis, Grand Ecran and independent theaters throughout France, reports The … Read more