Three years after the launch of Apple Arcade, the vice president of the App Store takes stock

It’s now been over 3 years since Apple Arcade officially launched, and the service has grown significantly: the catalog has grown from just over 70 titles to over 200. CNET was able to chat with Matt Fischer, vice president of the App Store in order to take stock. If the answers are pretty much in … Read more

While Season 3 is underway, Apple TV+ is offering the first season of For All Mankind

The broadcast of the third season of For All Mankind has started and Apple is taking the opportunity to offer the first season for free. This uchronic series from Apple TV+ imagines that the Americans were not the first to set foot on the Moon and that the Russians did not abandon the space race … Read more

Apple adds ads in the middle of some Apple Music playlists

As Apple promises an ad-free experience for Apple Music, the company has started slipping ad breaks into some playlists provided by the service. Like the noted former journalist Jim Dalrympleas confirmed by Jason Snell for MacWorld and as we have been able to verify ourselves, Apple has indeed started adding “chunks” which are in fact … Read more

Google (finally) adds ⌘ + C / ⌘ + V shortcuts to Google Drive

Better late than never. Many years late, Google has just added several essential keyboard shortcuts to Google Drive. In particular, the classics ⌘ C / ⌘ X and ⌘ V to quickly copy, cut or paste documents finally work. Picture: Google. These are not the only shortcuts added by Google teams. ⌘ Entrée opens a … Read more

Google presents a stunning AI that transforms any text into an image

You may be familiar with, a site that generates fake selfies based on artificial intelligence from NVIDIA. Google is working on a similar but much more advanced concept called Imagen. Its operation is simple: you enter a description of a few words, and the AI ​​takes care of concocting an image for you. The … Read more