The GPU on the Apple A16 chip should have been more powerful

According to sources in Cupertino from The Information, the Apple A16 chip that powers the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should have had a significantly more powerful GPU. Apple is said to have planned a “generational leap” for the A16 chip with the addition of major new features, such as ray-tracing support … Read more

Apple trademarks realityOS

Apple has already registered the realityOS trademark, which designates the operating system that will equip its future mixed reality headset. This is Parker Ortolani who spotted the recording, which Apple as usual tried to do discreetly thanks to a front company. The trademark was registered in the United States on December 8, 2021 by a … Read more

Not much progress for the Apple A16 chip?

We already knew that Apple could not use TSMC’s 3 nanometers for its Apple A16 chip, the Taiwanese foundryman having fallen too far behind in the development of this new fine engraving. It was thought that Apple could fall back on an intermediate etching of 4 nanometers, but the sources of ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco) indicate that … Read more

Apple struggles with unions, and we’re testing Castlevania Grimoire of Souls

Every morning of the week, listen wake up, Club iGen’s daily podcast! In less than ten minutes, we go around the news of the day before, with the addition of a test, an interview, or a return on information. All in less than ten minutes! Congratulations to you who are on your feet, ready to … Read more

iPod touch disappears from Apple’s website

This time, it’s definitely the end for the iPod: Apple withdrew the iPod touch from sale last night and the pages devoted to this latest model have been removed from the Apple Store online. Apple had announced the stop of the iPod touch on May 10, the player remaining on sale until the exhaustion of … Read more

Apple would like to replace the keyboard and buttons of MacBooks with invisible input areas

Apple would have the idea to change the aesthetics of MacBooks according to a patent application filed by the brand. The US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that Apple has issued a patent titled “Concealable Entry Region for an Electronic Device” which may refer to micro-perforations to detect entry, which would lead to removal … Read more

10% bonus when recharging your Apple account

It is regularly possible to get a 10% bonus on App Store & iTunes gift cards, but this usually happens through a reseller. More rarely, it is Apple directly that sets up this offer. For the second time this year, you can therefore take advantage of a 10% bonus when recharging your Apple account on … Read more

Discounts and vouchers on the Mac and all Apple at Fnac

It’s been almost two months since Fnac relaunched its favorite offer: the possibility of recovering €10 vouchers for every €100 spent while being able to take advantage of immediate discounts on certain references is back this weekend. ! It is the code “MAI10” that must be entered to take advantage of this promotional operation, which … Read more

How to lose your contract with Apple, a lesson by BOE

It took years for BOE to convince Apple to trust it to supply OLED screens for the iPhone. It was finally with the iPhone 13 last year that the Chinese manufacturer began to send its panels to Apple, which is also supplied by Samsung and LG. But in February, BOE was suddenly dropped from the … Read more

Apple wants to do better for Final Cut Pro, and we are testing the game Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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